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Disney Cruise Line is the cruise line branch of The Walt Disney Company, founded in 1994. The company selects the destinations among the most beautiful places in the world for unforgettable family cruises. You will have the pleasure to meet Cinderella, Snow White, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, the immense privilege of enjoying some moments for yourselves leaving the kids in the most amazing “day camp” in the world. Read more...

  • from £719 tax inc.
    Fabulous Caribbean Islands with Disney Cruise Line

    Explore the magical Caribbean Islands with the total comfort of a Disney Ship. Find all our offers!

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    Disney Style Cruises to the Mediterranean Sea

    Take advantage of our Offers for a Cruise to an amazing Mediterranean Sea!

  • from £795 tax inc.
    Fabulous North America with Disney Cruise

    Discover all the offers for a Cruise to North America!

Magic Cruises with Disney Cruise Line. This holiday for children from 3 to 12 years includes also an area dedicated to preteen and teenagers where it is possible to enjoy many activities such as: playing in a perfect remake of Toy Story Andy’s room or participating to a workshop for baking cupcakes.